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  • What is a teaser?

    by admin

    The following is a brief description of a teaser. A teaser is a special parlay in which the bettor gets a favorable point adjustment. Teasers are available in football and basketball, and may include sides and totals. The payout for…

  • What is a Multiple?

    by admin

    The following is a brief description of Multiples.  A Multiple is a single wager involving multiple selections.  The bettor must choose the winner of each selection in order to win the Multiple. Multiples may include sides, totals, and/or money lines…

  • Multiples, accumulators & combi bets Multiples, Accumulators and Combi bets allow you to bet on multiple outcomes for different events, multiplying the potential rewards. We look at how Multiples can pay off & what their drawbacks are. How Multiples, Accumulators…

  • How do I place a Multiple?

    by admin

    There are two ways to place a Multiple: You add your selections to the bet slip and then switch to the “Multiples” tab. You can then enter your stake amount and confirm your wager. You can switch to the “Multiple…

  • When calculating the payouts for a Multiple, we use an exact calculation using Multiples factors obtained from the pricing of each event included in the Multiple. After you make your selections you may review the Multiple before confirming your bet.